It was founded in 1997 and headed by two fashion designers : Paula Yacub y Leonel halpern.

Its geographical setting is in Palermo Soho Buenos Aires , Capital Federal, site characteristic of art, design and culture.

The brand has experienced product development in countless materials and forms of construction . Within these experiences we have encountered along the way we would say that almost hypnotic way with fabric , say in a hypnotic because since we contacted do not stop working on your development , test combinations , mixing textures, dabble in different forms of weaving , to promote the production of new yarn, yarn in unconventional look inside our country and in different parts of world.

It is important to know that our product is non-industrial , we would say to locate on the map which is a productive pre-industrial product, completely handmade combinations. It is also necessary and almost mandatory to underline that nothing prevents develop large amounts of each of the items involved in the different collections Colombas . A distinguishing feature of our products is that although mass produced each product is unique because it never repeats the same combination of colors or location of materials on garments. This makes each piece corresponds to the same model but never be completely equal to each other .

Following our thread that is spinning and after our design identity in 2007 we have incorporated the line Deco / home where you can find everything from bedspreads to tissue boxes stuffed by hand , to cushions, sources supports , walk bed, curtain accessories , coat racks, hanging ornaments, etc.

In 2008 as a dominant fact we developed the line Premium quality leather wallets, chamois and canvases . Who came to occupy an important place within each collection Colombas.

Ultimately we are today a brand that develops design : clothing, handbags, wallets , accessories and decor all this assembly with a great sense of partencia our root Argentina and to just look at one of our products can be distinguished at a glance the identity of colombas.


We have been part of the costume from the movie " Things we lost in the fire" HALLE BERRY starring ( Catwoman , james bond, etc) and Benicio Del Toro ( trafic ,21 gramos ,snatch ,etc.).

This time attended our product being used by the protagonist " HalleBerry "